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OOH ads are highly relevant for CPG shoppers when making purchase decisions

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CPG shoppers trust OOH ads more than any other media channel

 53% say they trust OOH ads more than any other single medium, and 50% say they truly believe the messaging shown in OOH ads. (Source: OAAA)

Consumers pay attention to promotional OOH ads

 42% are noticing OOH ads more than pre-pandemic levels, with another 42% of consumers saying OOH ads for special offers and promotions are the most useful. (Source: OAAA & The Harris Poll)

OOH generates a higher consumer action rate than other channels

Compared to other media channels, OOH ranks higher in driving consumer action based on its share of ad spend.

Check out our infographic for unique ways CPG marketers can drive brand awareness, lift purchase consideration, and boost the performance of other media channels with OOH.