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Addressability is Killing Mass Marketing. So What Do We DOOH About It?

The so-called “glory days” of quick and easy online customer acquisition saw many brands allocating a disproportionate share of their marketing budgets towards direct response advertising and in doing so, neglecting the importance of brand advertising. But the pendulum is swinging back towards brand advertising; driven by the growing appreciation for the role that it plays in building brands, widening the funnel and attracting new customers.

While brand advertising is back in vogue for many brands, mass mediums such as TV are being consumed in an increasingly addressable fashion, which is creating some major headaches for mass brands.

In an increasingly fragmented media landscape, does Out-of-Home stand as the last true mass medium? Check out the webinar recording from Broadsign’s Head of Sales – ANZ, Ben Allman who explores this question along with why more brands should be ‘doing the DOOH’ in 2022.

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