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Will COVID lead to faster adoption of real time data?

When COVID hit, and DOOH businesses around the world started looking for new opportunities to improve and grow. It begs the question: might COVID be the thing that pushes more OOH businesses to invest in real-time data? A part of our 2020 Global OOH Insights panel.

About the video: Real-time data are the lifeblood of programmatic transactions. While more and more businesses have invested in powering their networks with this information, adoption wasn’t quite as fast or as widespread as would be ideal for fueling a huge global programmatic expansion.

Will COVID-19 spur on greater investment in this area? Adam Green (SVP and GM of Programmatic Platforms, Broadsign), Tim Harvey (Founder, Knitting Media), and Fiona Fitzgibbon (Founder, Diversiffi) discuss.

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