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Where will we see future innovation in programmatic DOOH?

There's plenty happening in the programmatic DOOH space now, with a great deal of investment and development happening all over the world. So where are we likeliest to see notable future innovations? A part of our 2020 Global OOH Insights panel.

About the video: We’re in the midst of some exciting advances in the programmatic DOOH space, and with that will come a variety of compelling projects and businesses that redefine the potential of our medium.

In our Global OOH Insights panel, the panelists—Fiona Fitzgibbon (Founder, Diversiffi), Tim Harvey (Founder, Knitting Media), and Adam Green (SVP and GM of Programmatic Platforms here at Broadsign)—shared some great perspective on where we're likely to see innovation arise next.

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