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Why We’re All-in on the DPAA and DSF

I spent my day in the Digital Signage Federation’s Board of Directors meeting in Dallas on Thursday, March 21st and I must say that I am very encouraged by the good work being done here. What a fantastic follow-up to the Digital Place-based Advertising Association Board of Directors’ meetings last week in New York and the biggest ever Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas just a few weeks before. With the buzz surrounding upcoming European, Asian and Latin American shows, it has become increasingly clear that our industry is at a major turning point. After many years, the realm once referred to as a “wild west” has matured into an industry that is consolidating and placing bets on the organizations and platforms capable of guiding it into a new, exciting age.
As a veteran and innovator in digital signage, Broadsign has participated in the evolution of the industry for the past ten years. We celebrated this in Las Vegas with our first annual client summit where we had a great speaking panel and delivered a compelling vision of the future (to those lucky enough to attend).
This is a huge transition year for Broadsign. We’re moving from a digital signage platform among hundreds to the most vibrant and future-safe ecosystem in this space. We’re also helping to set higher standards for our industry by participating on many of DPAA’s committees including the Technology Committee which is currently working on the DiSi (pronounced Dizzy) standard.
In line with its renewed sense of self, Broadsign will be reallocating its efforts, focus and attention to two main drivers of the digital signage industry, namely the DPAA and DSF.
At Broadsign, we believe that the DPAA is the most central, influential organization for spurring real growth in the industry. If we look at the value chain, advertising funds dwarf all other economical contributors to the growth of our space. This means the networks and agencies that Broadsign ultimately serves will be cultivated and educated by the DPAA. Moreover, the DSF represents a broader ecosystem (think vendors, brands, operators and integrators) whose technical and process-driven innovations lift the whole industry to a higher standard. Its official show is the DSE, unquestionably the biggest event in North America and one of Broadsign’s major investment points among others.
During periods of rapid change, similar to what we are seeing, one does not have time to split their attention and resources. We believe everyone in this industry is going to have to choose: pick a side and thrive or be divided and conquered.
We’re making a choice to focus on the DPAA and DSF as these groups and their events are where we are seeing the most promise of return. The destiny of the digital signage industry is to function as a single, coherent body. We hope it makes as much sense to you as it does to us.
Brian Dusho