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Watershed Moments for Digital Out-of-Home: An interview with Catherine Morgan

Catherine Morgan

“I learn something new every day and I really mean this,” laughed Catherine Morgan, Head of Creative Solutions at Ocean Outdoor. “Digital out-of-home constantly integrates new technology and ways of thinking. I work with every Ocean Outdoor client across a variety of sectors and this is what I enjoy the most.”

A glimpse at Catherine’s career path shows her magnetism to innovation and inspiration. Having studied Industrial Design at Loughborough University, Catherine enjoyed making products relevant to their market and began working as a Sales and Marketing Manager in a photography studio. Embracing the creative and strategic aspects of her job, she moved on to a media agency, LPM.
Catherine entered the DOOH space upon joining Eye Airports and worked there for 3.5 years as an Account Manager, Client Manager and Business Leader. As the company expanded, Catherine contributed to projects like the launch of Amplify and Tesco’s campaign in Gatwick Airport that enabled passengers to scan products on virtual shelves and coordinate grocery delivery with their return home.

“My first experience with DOOH occurred in 2009. Innovation is unfortunately the first thing to be removed from a plan during such a recession, but with DOOH it was used as an incredible tool to get people thinking about what’s possible,” said Catherine. “Sometimes interactivity and digital integration can be perceived as more expensive than traditional campaigns but DOOH can be used to create content that is virally shared through social media and the Internet. The platform has incredible potential for a wide range of budgets.”

In 2012, Catherine moved to Ocean Outdoor and now operates Ocean Labs, a department that helps brands bring their ideas to life in a hands-on way. Catherine notes that Ocean Outdoor’s screens are all large format and take advantage of DOOH’s unique opportunity to deliver the “wow” factor desired by a society taken with fame and celebrity.

One of Catherine’s favourite examples of using giant DOOH displays to engage with an audience is the world’s first visually powered DOOH campaign by Women’s Aid. The initiative used facial recognition technology to trigger immediate changes to creative based on the number of views.
Supporting a good cause with accessible technology is something near and dear to the Ocean Outdoor team, as made evident by the above campaign along with Fairy’s Guinness World Record for the largest cake sculpture in support of Make-A-Wish and a Mindpong campaign raising awareness and donations for The Brian Tumour Charity (an Art of Outdoor winner).

“DOOH is approaching the point where it’s a medium of its own, separate from traditional OOH. Trying to hold it within OOH historically hasn’t done it much justice due to flexibility, programmatic buying and the ways you can make it accessible to clients with all budgets,” cautioned Catherine.

“Ocean Outdoor sees DOOH positioning itself within agencies working on all-screen teams and commercializing its potential as a content amplifier.”

Its perspectives like these that make Ocean Outdoor a leader in the DOOH space, and with Catherine at the helm of the ship, advertisers and viewers are in for smooth sailing.

About Catherine

Catherine leads the Creative Solutions team at Ocean, specializing in the integration of mobile with Digital Out of Home and creating bespoke activations. With a 10-year career originating in the creative industry, before honing her skills at EYE prior to moving to Ocean, Catherine has been responsible for leading the UK launch of Amplify, EYE’s NFC platform, and developing Ocean’s new Wi-Fi network. She has delivered several media first campaigns, including a Virtual Fridge for Tesco at Gatwick Airport, delivering the world’s first real live feed for Compassion in World Farming, live streaming a World Cup match for Budweiser and recently creative the World’s First visually powered DOOH campaign for Women’s Aid. Catherine’s role at Ocean not only ensures that brands are given the best possible opportunity to maximize their use of DOOH, it allows a new wave of Creative Solutions to be fully integrated contributing to out-of-home’s ever-changing landscape.