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Tim Harvey Receives the Broadsign Trailblazer Award

Forerunner. Pacesetter. Trailblazer.

Trailblazers are people who willingly march down unexplored paths to create new modes of behaviour and ways of thinking. It is for this reason that the Broadsign Trailblazer Award was presented to Tim Harvey, JCDecaux UK’s Director of Digital Strategy, at Broadsign’s Second Annual Client Summit.

In January 2013, Tim was given a well-deserved promotion to his current position as Director of Digital Strategy at JCDecaux UK. A founding member of the JCDecaux UK “Digital Project Board”, Tim has worked on projects such as Waterloo Motion, that push the company to reach new heights of innovation and engagement in OOH. He also shared his best practices with the industry at DailyDOOH’s Thought Leadership Summits in London and New York, where the Harvey Media Matrix was born.
Tim’s biggest focus in 2013 was driving the design and delivery of the JCDecaux UK TESCO SmartScreen deployment. This initiative uses TESCO retail and loyalty card transaction data to deliver unprecedented audience targeting and performance accountability on JCDecaux UK’s first 100% digital network. Tim conceptualised and delivered “CAPTAIn”, a brand new objective-based planning and booking tool which revolutionises the way that digital out of home is bought and traded in the UK marketplace. It is also integrated into Broadsign to drive display to 400 screens!
While all of these factors contribute to Tim’s Trailblazer traits, he is a pleasure to work with and above all, a great guy.
Tim, let your conscience be your guide!