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The Digital Place Based “Opp”timist: An interview with Kirti Srikant

Kirti Srikant

“The digital place based media industry is much more advanced than one would suspect,” said Kirti Srikant, Vice President of Brand and Advertising at OppenheimerFunds. “No longer a world of traditional static billboards, integrated multi-screen communications and targeted messaging capabilities  will make DPB a very relevant media channel in the overall mix, especially the ability for a personal device to connect with modern digital billboards real-time.”

With 16 years of experience under her belt, Kirti knows a thing or two about advertising. Kirti joined OppenheimerFunds in 2010 to evolve the brand’s approach to advertising and break through the cluttered landscape. In doing so she introduced new channels within sponsorships, digital and out-of-home (DPB) to create more impact.

“OppenheimerFunds has contributed to the DPB industry in a meaningful and valuable way to the end-user, as we have leveraged real-time automated content systems that are programmed to deliver the right content in the right place.” said Kirti. “Our identification of sophisticated media partners like Captivate Network (targeting viewers in corporate elevators) allows for retargeting with rich media content on desktop and mobile devices. This builds validity and relevancy in the medium, and an extended opportunity for our audience to engage and articulate our brand promise and thought leadership to investors and advisors.”

Results of OppenheimerFunds’ DPB campaign with Captivate Network include a 73% lift in aided brand awareness, 70% in aided ad awareness and a third-place ranking as the most recalled medium after magazine and online. In addition, 52% of viewers who saw the ad online post-elevator ride took action.

Kirti believes that such narrow targeting opportunities along with pre- and post-research offered through DPB will help the industry gain scale and provoke more advertisers to secure additional media budget to ensure DPB is part of their baseline mix.

“The launch of smart devices has also been a catalyst for the growth of digital signage,” said Kirti. “As more people and businesses leverage digital formats to communicate and engage, companies are able to measure their ROI with greater accuracy and enabling real-time iteration of their marketing strategies.”

Building on the concept of smart devices, Kirti notes that the “connected human” will continue to impact how brands go to market to build awareness, increase engagement and drive adoption. With the average US consumer spending 60 hours a week consuming content across devices (Nielsen 2014), this DPB optimist has a point.

About Kirti

Kirti Srikant joined OppenheimerFunds in September 2010 to digitize the advertising and media strategies for the firm.  She oversees brand marketing, advertising, media strategy, brand sponsorships and agency relationships.  Her approach to advertising for the “Globalize Your ThinkingTMcampaign earned over 30 accolades.  Most recently, “Growth.Income.Protection.*” has earned over 10 industry awards for digital and multi-media advertising FCS Portfolio, Midas and Gramercy Institute’s ‘Best Media Strategy’.

Previously, Ms. Srikant spent over four years at Citigroup overseeing digital advertising and marketing strategy.  She also held roles where she designed and oversaw online advertising strategies, cross-sell, event sponsorships/marketing and acquisition marketing across the manufacturing and entertainment industries.

Ms. Srikant is the recipient of ‘Brand Innovators 40 Under 40,’ ‘Gramercy Institute’s 20 Rising Stars in Financial Marketing 2013,’AWNY’s Advertising Working Mother of the Year 2012.’  She also volunteers her time as Board of Director for the Financial Communications Society, supporting charities through the organizations’ works.

Ms. Srikant received her M.B.A. from Columbia Business School and a B.S. in corporate communications and marketing from the City University of New York.  A native New Yorker, Ms. Srikant lives with her daughter and husband in the financial district. She spends her free time performing with her charity band, ‘Mayhem.’