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Thank You for Attending Broadsign’s European Client Summit

On behalf of Broadsign, I would like to sincerely thank you for participating in Broadsign’s First European Client Summit. I know that some of you made special travel arrangements and greatly appreciate your desire to learn not only about Broadsign’s new offerings but innovation in the digital signage industry as a whole. Moreover, it is my hope that you were able to benefit from the unique networking opportunity with a fine selection of influential people from all walks of our realm.
This Summit was held to acknowledge several of Broadsign’s most recent successes; celebrating 10 years in the industry, record growth, an upgraded software platform and our entrance into the world of hardware. None of this could have happened, however, without a burgeoning industry to back us and customers like you who continue to push boundaries and keep our developers busy.

I would like to bring special attention to our guest speakers who enlightened us with presentations about the importance of audience measurement and targeted content. Olivier Duizabo of Quividi, David DeBusk of DS-IQ and Vladimir Aubin of BlueFox – thank you for taking part.
Presentations featured throughout the day can be found on the Broadsign SlideShare page.
Thank you once again for joining us and for those who were brave enough to try the poutine in honour of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, I commend you.
Until next time,
Brian Dusho
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