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OOH, with Love: An Interview with Anne Lyons

Anne Lyons

Anne Lyons is a bit like her Park Avenue office – cheerful and welcoming. VP, National Client Partnerships at Clear Channel Outdoor, she lights up the out-of-home industry with her bright personality.

While pursuing a BA in Psychology and Communications at the State University of New York at Albany, Anne attended a career fair with broadcast in mind yet left with a hankering for sales. Following an internship and subsequent job selling TV advertising for CBS, Anne relocated from Buffalo to the Big Apple and was headhunted by Clear Channel. Moving cities was easy for Anne but doing the same in media channels was, at first glance, daunting.

“Back in 2006, I didn’t think about outdoor,” shared Anne. “Sure, I knew billboards, but I had no idea there was more to the industry. Here I was, in the fancy business of selling TV, being asked to sell for Clear Channel’s taxi division, which I can assure you was not present in Buffalo.”

After meeting the Clear Channel team, however, Anne warmed up to the idea and saw how well the medium worked for brands as small as start-up fashion labels to those as large as airlines, especially in cities with a high concentration of pedestrians. Anne stayed in the taxi division when it was acquired by VeriFone and remained there for five years before returning to Clear Channel in early 2015.

Now in the company’s outdoor division, Anne understands that some clients will always prefer static signage to digital but marvels at the unparalleled capabilities of DOOH. Especially when combined with mobile, DOOH campaigns deliver fun, exciting and buzz-worthy experiences that have an extended reach and lifespan thanks to social media. This cute Clear Channel campaign for Coca-Cola in Times Square is an example of just that.

OOH does more than deliver positive ROI for advertisers, as it has proven powerful in doing social good as well. When Anne was at VeriFone, she partnered with Agency672 to bring the White House’s “Drink Up” campaign to Taxi TV. It was so well received that the network was used once again for “It’s On Us”. During a campaign debrief at the White House, the First Lady’s Chief of Staff asked Anne to explain the details of the programs and their success – a testament to the exposure and positive reactions of viewers. (I happened to be sitting across from Anne at the time and witnessed her pride in both the network and OOH industry.)

“I don’t consider myself a salesperson,” said Anne as she reflected back on her transition between media. “I consider myself a promoter or representative of a product that I wholeheartedly believe in. When I believe a product is going to do good things for a customer, it’s no longer a sales pitch, it’s just a conversation.”

About Anne

Anne Lyons is VP, National Client Partnerships at Clear Channel Outdoor, responsible for various advertising clients such as ABC-TV, PayPal, Honda, Heineken, Comcast, Mondelez, Coca-Cola, P&G and Sprint.

Anne holds a B.A. from the University at Albany in Psychology & Communications along with a Master’s Degree from Fordham University in Educational Counseling.  She is originally from Buffalo, NY but has been a native New Yorker the past 9 years. Residing on the Upper East Side with her husband Chris and young son Austin, Anne loves to play golf and travel, especially on African Safaris.