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New to Campsite: advanced demographic data and campaign analytics

As OOH continues to modernize, in both creative opportunities and buying methods, the medium has established its spot in modern marketing strategies. Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world invest a significant part of their budget in OOH, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down. 

Yet OOH isn’t only for brands with nearly countless employees on their marketing teams. Small- and medium-sized businesses can also take advantage of this channel, as it is a cost-effective and highly-targeted way to reach your target audience.

We’ve been working on features that will help you seamlessly integrate DOOH into your marketing strategy, whether you’re looking to reach a national audience, or reach local buyers around your shop. 

Better coordinate omnichannel mobile campaigns with advanced analytics

Studies have shown that combining mobile and OOH significantly drives campaign lift, recall and ROI, so your campaign shouldn’t be limited to digital billboards and screens. 

With insight into campaign metrics, like impressions per hour per screen, venue type, latitude and longitude, you can now easily target your mobile campaigns to audiences exposed to your DOOH ads. By reaching your audience with two channels at once, you can create an augmented experience and even encourage users to use their mobile phones to interact with billboards. 

Our newest update now enables you to export data to be integrated with your mobile buying platforms and analytics tools. Here’s how it works:

Understand your campaign audience with detailed demographic data

Launching your campaign is only a part of a successful marketing strategy. To calculate ROI and know how to improve for future campaigns, it’s important to know what audiences were reached.

In this update, you can now break down campaign results using 150+ demographic profiles to better understand who saw your DOOH ads and help you see how effectively you reached your target audience. This includes a break down of two years of historical data, where you can see how your past campaigns have performed and compare results over time. Here’s how to check it out:

Try it out for yourself

Ready to see these updates in action? Log into your account to try them out. And if you aren’t buying your Canadian DOOH campaigns on Campsite yet, open an account for free here.