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Much A-DOOH about Screenie

Broadsign is proud to introduce a special addition to its family and he’s not shy of the digital signage spotlight.

Screenie, a cheeky embodiment of Broadsign's personality and character.
Screenie, a cheeky embodiment of Broadsign’s personality and character.

Recent sightings of an unfamiliar creature, oversized and blue in colour, have caused quite a frenzy in downtown Montreal. The critter has been spotted in public settings such as McGill campus, Dorchester Square and Place des Arts. Witnesses have reported that the creature seems to be jovial in nature and several youth have even been so brave as to approach it, resulting in a friendly wave or hug. Investigators are stumped in determining the origins of the “blue being” as it speaks very faintly, albeit both in English and French.
Upon hearing the news, however, Broadsign’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Daniel Parisien, is stepping forward and addressing the public to provide some clarity on the matter.
“Residents of Montreal can rest assured that what they have seen is in fact a member of the Broadsign family, affectionately referred to as Screenie,” says Parisien. “Screenie Sinclair originated in Montreal and is the physical embodiment of all that Broadsign represents, from our driven and innovative nature to our leading-edge ideas and slightly cheeky personality. And for the record, Screenie is a superb shade of Broadsign Blue.”
It’s no wonder that Screenie has gained popularity not only in Quebec but within the digital signage industry as well. Screenie’s first trip across the border was to Las Vegas in February 2013, where he made his debut to external Broadsigners at Broadsign’s First Annual Client Summit held prior to Digital Signage Expo. This moment was captured in the above video and it must be noted that Screenie is a natural dancer, a skill undoubtedly inherited from CEO, Brian Dusho.
Should you have missed Screenie at DSE and do not live in Montreal, you still have the opportunity to get to know Broadsign’s most interesting apprentice. By liking the company on Facebook and following on Twitter (#iseescreenie), you will be given updates as to Screenie’s travel schedule and upcoming media appearances. You can also Friend the computer-savvy Screenie Sinclair on Facebook, as he’s keen to extend his social circle.
Finally, we’ve heard through the grapevine that Screenie has been captured on camera during the filming of a Broadsign initiative that is soon to go live, a series entitled “The Basics of Broadsigning with Daniel Parisien”. Each film will address a trending topic in the digital place-based industry and deliver predictions as to what the matter means to the DOOH space.