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Minority Report No More

The imminent rise of women in digital signage.

As a member of the Millennial Generation, I have been socialized to believe that anyone can do anything, anywhere. It thus comes as a bit of a surprise whenever I realize that I have unconsciously made a generalization about a group of people performing a task about which I know relatively little. In my mind, lifeguards are fit teenagers with laid-back attitudes and the typical businessperson is glued to their mobile. No one is to blame for these perceptions; they are culminations of observations amassed over time. Truth be told, when I interviewed for a position at a digital signage software company, I semi expected to meet employees reminiscent of characters from The Big Bang Theory. Was I wrong?
My office IS greatly comprised of men, who, like in the television show, are self-identified “geeks” and proud of it. Among them, however, lies one of the most accomplished and experienced women in digital signage, Marie Elamar. “I have been in this industry for 14 years now and can say with certainty that strong women have largely contributed to shaping our space into what it is today,” said Marie when told of my idea to write a series featuring a selection of the community’s heavy-hitting females.
A quick scan of the Digital Signage Expo or a Digital Place-based Advertising Association members meeting also demonstrates a high ratio of men to women, yet high heeled professionals are present and their achievements are impressive. What used to be a male-dominated domain is now seeing an influx of women in positions of all levels and I believe that a balance of genders will bring innovative perspectives and ideas to the industry.
The “Leading Ladies” series is intended to showcase the career paths and contributions of women in the digital place-based world to both encourage female newcomers such as myself and bring together industry veterans. Each article will showcase a woman who has made a unique footprint in the digital signage realm and judging by my growing list of candidates, the rise of females in the industry is a true and exciting reality. Whether you wear Bostonians or Manolo Blahniks, cufflinks or hair clips, it is my hope that the series provides you with insight and inspiration.