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Increase your DOOH Sales with Broadsign Direct

Broadsign Direct was formerly known as Broadsign Serv Direct

In a technology-driven business, there is often a subtle paradox between sales and tech operations. While one team follows the “customer is always right” mantra and is driven to make the sale, the other is looking at the practical abilities of current technologies and inventory availability. Now, what happens when these two approaches aren’t in harmony?

Unfortunately, what often happens is that sales are hindered due to slow response times, or worse, the team has sold something that is unnecessarily complicated to deliver. Bridging this gap between sales and operations is precisely the goal of Broadsign Direct, a new DOOH inventory management and proposal generation tool that both teams will love.

Broadsign Direct gives sales teams real-time visibility into inventory availability. Once inventory is selected, client-ready proposals are generated directly by the system, cutting hours off sales enquiry response times and increasing close rates.  And because Broadsign Direct is fully integrated with Broadsign Control, sold inventory is immediately updated.

Boost Efficiency by Using One Centralised Platform

When working with external systems, like spreadsheets, planners and salespeople each use their own workspace, which can be highly inefficient. Even if multiple team members are reviewing current inventory, with Broadsign Direct, everyone can be sure data is up to date before confirming a campaign with a customer. This integrated approach increases efficiency as information is now available to all teams at all times.

Improve Communication between Sales and Operations

Because Broadsign Direct and Broadsign Control are fully integrated, campaign booking times only need to be entered once by sales, rather than having scheduling teams manually re-enter each detail once a booking is confirmed. This not only improves efficiency, but technical and operational requirements of campaigns are better identified and met early on. With all teams on the same page, the entire campaign launch workflow is much smoother.

Increase DOOH Sales

Match client requirements to available inventory in seconds instead of hours. The current RFP process can be laborious, as planners try to match client requirements to current availability without the help of automated tools. Broadsign Direct’s automated approach increases the likelihood of closing new sales and gives sales teams more time to build relationships with their customers. In addition, any requested modifications at a later time can be quickly addressed.

Improve Campaign Results Using Detailed Targeting

With Broadsign Direct, sales teams have access to more precise targeting, enabling them to deliver improved ROI on customer campaigns. By simply selecting the desired audience demographics and criteria in the platform, all appropriate screens are identified. Inventory can be sorted and selected by screen location, time range, gender, age and any other network-specific custom criteria.

Ensure Accurate Information with Real-Time DOOH Availability

By seeing exactly which screens are available to match customer requests, sales teams can offer ad slots to customers without the fear of double-booking.  Without the need to manually review each screen’s availability, the lengthy time delay to confirm a client proposal’s availability is eliminated.

Save Time with Automated DOOH Proposals

Once targeting is complete and screens are selected, client ready proposals can be generated with a few clicks. These proposals have a clean design that highlights price, audience, screen and flight details. Once generated, the proposal can be sent directly to clients for review.

Get Started with Broadsign Direct Today

With Broadsign Direct, DOOH sales workflow becomes streamlined and easy. To show you how automated processes can make your sales team more efficient and close more sales, join with your sales team to start working less and selling more.
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