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Gloohing the Pieces Together: An interview with Christina Radigan

Christina Radigan

“The more you do, the more you realize you can do,” said Christina Radigan, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Outdoor Media Group of Companies, Omnicom’s out-of-home buying group.

Christina practices what she preaches. An OOH expert, marathon runner and mother of two, this Leading Lady has been active in the agency world since her time at Towson University when she would pitch to advertising executives. Her first job after graduating was at OPT-X Advertising, where she worked on print and outdoor media for casinos. Celebrities like Diana Ross were involved and billboards were hand-painted works of art, as vinyl had yet to hit the market.

A subsequent stint in pharmaceutical marketing gave Christina the full-service exposure that allowed her to apply an understanding of other media and their processes to OOH when she joined Outdoor Services. Dave Yacullo was the company’s president at the time and Christina continues to work with him (the CEO and President at Outdoor Media Group) to this day.

“My colleagues are my clients,” said Christina enthusiastically. “I liaise with OOH organizations such as the OAAA, TAB, DPAA, MRC and DSE and communicate emerging trends and research to my colleagues in a way that can be adopted by media buyers.”

Christina’s position is unique in an industry typically composed of lean operations. As OOH attracts more of the overall media spend, however, this is beginning to change.

“The (D)OOH industry is completely different now from when I started. The space is appealing to advertisers by taking on compelling attributes of other digital media that have been leveraged by clients. Capabilities such as day-parting and targeting are more diverse than ever and converging media disciplines, such as mobile, will continue to grow the industry.”

Christina is a firm believer in mobile, calling it the key driver of OOH. On the frontend, it is transitioning OOH viewers into OOH users, by further engaging them with the medium. On the backend, information collected through these interactions as well as mobile audience data is providing greater ROI and attribution analyses. “We’re obtaining metrics we’ve never had before, while providing a greater experience to our viewers. We must take advantage of this to become even more consumer-centric,” she adds.

A public speaker about OOH, Christina shares best practices for network operators to pitch to agencies and she points out that there is now an abundance of (free) information available to emerging network operators into which they can tap.

“We as an industry collaborate extremely well,” finishes Christina, optimistically referring to the information exchanged among networks, vendors and trade organizations. “It’s so exciting to work on committees established by associations like the DPAA and TAB. Everyone is invested in realizing the full potential of OOH and I look forward to seeing where these group efforts take us.”

About Christina

Christina Radigan is the Director of Marketing & Communications for the Outdoor Media Group of Companies, Omnicom’s Out-of-Home (OOH) buying group.

Christina is an 18-year media veteran whose core expertise is in the development of marketing and educational resources related to all aspects of the OOH medium, including measurement, research, emerging technology and mobile integration.

Dedicating her career to advancing the OOH medium, Christina holds active roles within the industry, serving as Board Member on both the Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA) and Digital Signage Expo (DSE) Agency Advisories.

Christina’s latest work includes Co-Chairing the DPAA’s Operational Committee to help bring best practices and standards for proof and play and ad verification to the sector as well as serving as a member of the organization’s Research & Standards Committee which is liaising with the MRC in an effort to standardize Digital Place-based Networks’ audience measurement.

Christina also serves on the Traffic Audit Bureau’s Digital Committee, which recently redefined Digital OOH Ratings to better align them with other digital media to allow for easier cross-platform planning, buying and evaluation.