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Forerunner. Pacesetter. Trailblazer. Broadsign Xpress.

The Broadsign Xpress Trailblazer Program provides a sneak peek of Broadsign Xpress to a select group of new and existing customers across the globe. It was announced at Broadsign’s First Annual Client Summit in February 2013 when Broadsign Xpress, the company’s fully-featured and fully-supported smart player that runs on the Android operating system, was revealed and attendees were invited to sign up for a trial.
After many months of preparation, Broadsign is excited to announce that the Broadsign Xpress players have been shipped to 200 Trailblazers situated as close as la belle ville of Montreal and as far as Australia. These lucky few are true leaders of the pack, in that they will experience Broadsign’s first-ever tangible product prior to the rest of the world- nobody else has access to Broadsign Xpress at this time.
Trailblazers will soon receive a box, in a brilliant shade of “Broadsign blue”, containing the Broadsign Xpress player and all material necessary to use the device instantly. Unique to the Trailblazer Program, Broadsign Xpress will arrive activated and populated with content – the Trailblazer simply needs to connect it.
What are the duties of Broadsign Trailblazers? Participants are given the opportunity to test, use and put the Broadsign Xpress players through their paces for 60 days. In return, Trailblazers will provide the company with valuable feedback about their experience and have the option to keep their free unit upon the Program’s completion.
Attention all Broadsign Trailblazers – it’s go time!