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DOOHing It Right: Broadsign’s Year in Review, 2013

The past year was marked with many memorable milestones for Broadsign. After reaching 50,000 active player subscriptions in August, we are now approaching 60,000. The company nearly doubled sales due to our customers’ successes and the acquisition of a few dozen new ones, most having converted from other software platforms. The result is that over 200 digital signage networks now run Broadsign digital signage software and display a combined 200 million digital place-based ads in more than 35 countries.
Last year was also a year of firsts. We held our first annual Client Summit in Las Vegas, followed by a European edition in London several months later. Our new mascot, Screenie, helped us announce many novel initiatives, including the launch of Broadsign X, the latest upgraded version of our cloud-based platform. Numbers show that this version is immediately delivering its promise of efficiency and scale, and Broadsign renewed its title as “number one digital signage software vendor” at the 2013 DailyDOOH Gala Awards for the third year in a row.
To complement the Broadsign X solution, Broadsign unveiled Broadsign Xpress, our Android-based smart player. The fully-featured and –supported media player reduces the cost of digital signage network deployment and has generated an active waitlist since its September release. Nearly 4,500 Broadsign Xpress smart players have been sold since it first became available for purchase in August.
In terms of the Broadsign brand, our website has been translated into French, German and Portuguese to best serve our international customers. We pride ourselves in delivering informational articles about goings-on in the industry and educational videos on digital place-based trends, such as “The Basics of Broadsigning”. We will continue to showcase influential females through the “Leading Ladies” series, and if you are not yet following us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, I encourage you to do so and start #Broadsigning.
It’s great to see that the digital out-of-home industry has its feet firmly planted on the ground and I believe that increasing advertiser demand for the services of digital signage networks is just beginning. The DPAA has made significant progress in terms of the DiSi Standard and I expect to see further developments made in the upcoming year.
I am excited to dive into a promising new year of growth with the support of a phenomenal team and fantastic customers who are constantly pushing us to deliver new innovations.
Happy Broadsigning!