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Deck the malls with digital signage – how screens brighten the holiday shopping experience

The holidays are a hectic time for shoppers. With people to please and gifts to buy, there’s a lot riding on shoppers to get everything they need during this festive time of the year. In fact, the average consumer plans to purchase 15 gifts this holiday season. To make this time easier for shoppers and to compete with online shopping, malls need to provide an exciting and hassle-free shopping experience.

Decking out a mall with digital signage can get shoppers through the doors and into the stores this holiday season. Not to mention, it’s an opportunity for malls to generate more revenue by working with brands to display interesting ads and promote season sales.

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Even Santa needs a little gift inspiration

We’ve all been there – last-minute holiday shopping with no idea what to get for your family or friends. A well-timed ad can be just the inspiration you need to find the perfect present for your loved ones.  

The holiday season is the ideal opportunity for brands to showcase their latest products and deals, and what better place to advertise than the mall? People are in a buying mood and will be receptive to brand messaging and more likely to purchase a product.

Shopping malls have more advertising and branding opportunities when using digital screens as opposed to static posters, especially around the holiday season. With the ability to quickly update video and images, digital signage gives you the opportunity to display a variety of creative and informative ads. For example, featuring lists like ‘top ten gifts to buy’ or promoting limited edition holiday products are a great way to showcase different items to purchase in the mall.

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Who needs Rudolph when you have digital wayfinding?

Everyone has a long list of gifts to buy or to receive from Santa, of course. But these days, most shoppers know exactly what stores they want to visit and what they want to buy. With multiple floors and long hallways, finding all these stores can be a hassle.

With brightly lit displays and intuitive touch-screen functions, digital wayfinding makes it easier to find a specific store and helps mall-goers complete their holiday shopping mission. By planning their path, shoppers can quickly check off their Christmas list and have extra time to browse their favourite stores or stop at the food court for some much-needed treats.

The wayfinding benefits don’t just end there. Malls always benefit from knowing what stores are searched for and visited more often. If a store can’t be easily found, digital wayfinding could help mall owners and retailers build a strategy to make shops more visible.

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Have a holly, jolly shopper experience

With longer mall hours, excited shoppers and cold weather, you can expect consumers to stay in your malls for longer than usual. So, digital displays should not only inform shoppers but also entertain them.

Displaying interesting and engaging content onto your screens can add to the shopping experience. Not to mention that there’s information that your shoppers want to see – 64% want to see community events like holiday craft fairs, charity events and of course Santa’s annual visit to the mall.

Digital displays thrive in areas with a lot of wait time like food courts or rest areas. With people connected to their smartphones, social media and mobile integration help you engage your audience while also encouraging them to interact with your space.

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Festive season or not, digital signage is a must for any mall. If you deck your mall with digital signage, shoppers will definitely be in a joyful mood all year long.