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Broadsign Offers Free Integration with Automated Audience Measurement by Intel AIM

Broadsign uses intel® aim suite to bring together proof‐of‐play and audience metrics for digital signage networks


Following a series of pilots Broadsign has integrated its proof‐of‐play reports with Intel® AIM Suite, an anonymous video analytics technology, to offer a comprehensive measurable signage solution.
The integration means that from now on, digital signage networks using Broadsign and Intel AIM Suite will offer their advertisers not only proof‐of‐play reports but also audience numbers shown for every ad played.
Such correlation is essential for networks to attract more advertisers, who are often reluctant to believe the self‐reported audience data that most networks are still providing today. Tying together the two metrics makes it easier for advertisers to analyze campaign performance and allows adjusting the schedules, content and targeting of the ads based on the combined reports.
To book a demo of the integrated Broadsign proof‐of‐play solution featuring Intel AIM Suite at ScreenMedia Expo 2011 in London, write to: with the subject line: “Request for Broadsign‐Intel demo”