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Broadsign International, LLC Bets Big on France: Powers Smart City Developments, Releases French Website

Digital signage solutions company hires regional salesperson, launches French website and will provide software for innovative smart urban furniture in French cities.

MONTREAL, QC. September 24, 2013. Broadsign International, LLC, the prominent provider of digital signage software and media players, is marking its presence in the French DOOH space with the addition of a regional salesperson, launch of a French website and deployments with the leading French media agency for outdoor ad screens, OXIALIVE, and one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the world, JCDecaux.
In a time of increasing French DOOH activity driven by major initiatives in almost every venue, Broadsign is anticipating a future trend of continued positive growth. The company brought on a French Sales Director, Vladimir Aubin, and is tailoring its communications by offering a French microsite,
“Broadsign’s presence in France and delivery of service in French has been escalating for many years now,” said Broadsign’s CEO, Brian Dusho. “The time has come to increase our competitive presence in the French market by tailoring our sales, marketing and partnership activities to the unique needs of this very active region.”
Advertime, with whom Broadsign has a seven-year partnership, operates OXIALIVE’s network of 130 digital screens that generate a daily audience of more than 2.5 million viewers and feature interactive campaigns. Advertime naturally recommended that the agency use Broadsign to power its smart city digital signage projects.
OXIALIVE’s smart urban furniture initiatives consist of equipping the communes with informational screens. The cities of Lambersart and Coudekerque-Branche have three and six LED screens respectively, and manage the dissemination of their own informative local messaging from cultural event notices to real-time security information such as air quality and weather alerts.
“Broadsign’s platform allows us to implement a new vehicle for ultra-responsive communication and offers unprecedented flexibility for OXIALIVE’s interactive content,” said OXIALIVE Director, Christophe Pawletta. “Broadsign’s software functionalities such as network monitoring, exclusivity management, automatic and dynamic loop construction, domain management, and reports for sales management are the perfect solution for our urban digitization deployments.”
In promotion of its newly weighted presence in the French space, Broadsign will be participating at the 2013 Viscom Paris trade show.

About Broadsign
Broadsign International, LLC is the first global provider of Software as a Service for digital signage networks. Its software platform was designed exclusively as a management system for media companies operating digital out-of-home and digital place-based media networks, giving them an unlimited capacity for growth without adding personnel. After ten years in the industry, Broadsign’s latest incarnation, Broadsign X, has become a mature and reliable fit for all digital signage software needs and its Android-based smart player, Broadsign Xpress, has decreased the cost of deploying digital signage compared to PC-based hardware alternatives.
Broadsign’s constant growth, extensive network and dedication to predicting and responding to industry trends make its digital signage solutions a safe bet for the future of networks with even the most complex of requirements. For more information about Broadsign, visit
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