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Broadsign Control Version 12.0 – Scale Your Network and Access New Revenue Streams

Broadsign Control was formerly known as Broadsign Core
There is no doubt that it is an exciting time to be part of the digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry. With more and more of the out-of-home (OOH) market continuing its shift to digital and with DOOH being one of the fastest growing media channels, the industry is evolving.
To ensure your network can benefit from these trends, we’ve launched a new version of our content management system (CMS). Equipped with Broadsign Control CMS 12.0, you can now open the door to new revenue opportunities and scale your network to reach new heights.

Increase Your Revenue with Programmatic

Media buyers are placing an increased importance on the ability to buy DOOH programmatically and this presents a great opportunity for network operators. With 90% of media planners now buying media programmatically, opening your DOOH inventory to this channel will enable you to reach new advertisers and compete for budgets previously only allocated to mobile and online media.
Broadsign Control 12.0 includes full native support for Broadsign SSP, the first DOOH-specific programmatic platform. You can now access new programmatic revenue streams from within the CMS by opening inventory for programmatic buys. Your direct sales teams can now work seamlessly with this new channel.

Reach Your Network’s Full Growth Potential

As the OOH industry continues to show impressive growth and as the world’s largest networks continue their adoption of Broadsign, both Broadsign Administrator and Broadsign Server have been performance-optimized for scalability. Optimizations include enhanced scoping of resources, protocol compression and database upgrades to enable large networks to scale from thousands to tens of thousands of screens without a drop in performance. Smaller networks will also gain from these enhancements with a snappier and more responsive experience.

Consistent Campaign Delivery with Dynamic Pacing

Broadsign Control now reacts in real-time to unpredictable network events and changes, such as unexpected player downtime and preemption events. Dynamic pacing automatically increases or decreases the frequency of ad insertions across the network, adjusting playback frequency to ensure that all client requirements are met.
Dynamic pacing also allows for more alternative and flexible scheduling, enabling campaigns to be given playback targets rather than adhering to a strict loop approach.

Be Alerted to Issues Before They Arise

A newly reorganized Availability Report alerts scheduling teams of overbooking or displays without schedules. Teams can quickly and efficiently identify possible issues and ensure that each campaign is targeted correctly with improved information viewing options such as the ability to expand and collapse network segments.

Get Started With Broadsign Control 12.0

As always, these enhancements are included as part of the Broadsign service and upgrading to Broadsign Control 12.0 is free for existing customers. Contact your Account Manager for more information.