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Backstage at Broadsign: The “IT” Crowd

To many of us, IT teams function in a mysterious world of wires and technology. As machine whisperers, they calmly address every technical need and solve even the most frustrating of issues. Office-wide, colleagues constantly request their attention, enabling the IT folks to interact with all departments. They really are the “it” crowd of the company.
A team of four, Broadsign’s IT team takes care of problems big and small. Issues usually arise every few hours but they consider themselves lucky to be working for a company full of tech-savvy colleagues. “Broadsign has a slew of developers, who tend to take care of the little things themselves or help us in addressing a problem. However, sometimes they delve too far into the matter, which causes another concern,” the team chuckles.
“The cool thing about our jobs is you can’t really predict your day and we don’t have ‘typical’ days. Anything can happen.” This includes humourous situations, such as when a colleague was confused about a monitor malfunction and an orange was found stuck behind it, turning it on and off.
One of the perks of the job is the learning aspect: “We are exposed to concepts we wouldn’t normally think about exploring. And Broadsign is particularly good at providing extra opportunities to someone in a more junior position.”
While IT is largely about interacting with technology, it also requires significant people skills. “We cannot just demand a colleague give us their laptop and leave without an explanation of next steps,” an IT employee grins. “Employees need to understand the situation and how it is going to be resolved. Our colleagues rely so heavily on technology throughout the day, it’s important we help them cope through periods of maintenance and system upgrades.” This is seen as a highlight of the job.
As approachable and accessible as they are, the IT department still retains an element of enigma. When asked about one of their current projects, the answer was a simple: “It’s top secret.”
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