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Backstage at Broadsign: Support Specialists – SmOOHth Operators


A Support Specialist spending quality time on the phone with a customer.

These days, ad tech companies are modern and relatable brands that convey how simple their platforms are to use and how much better life becomes for their users. Yet inner workings remain mysterious, which is why we created the “Backstage at Broadsign” series. Our Product Specialists, QA Team and Core Developers have had their time in the spotlight. We now turn our attention to our Support Specialists.

Everyone needs support from time to time and the digital signage world is no different. When a network is not running as expected, Broadsign’s Support Specialist team comes to the rescue. Constant problem-solving may sound like a headache to most but it’s what gets this team revved and excited.

“For every problem, there is a solution, one way or another. And at the end of it all, when everything is resolved, you feel good.”

When asked about the complexity of issues, the Support Specialists explain just how challenging and real some tasks become. However, they also point out the frequent moments of joy when delivering a resolution and laughter when a client brightens the day. “Sometimes people end up in the most amusing situations and are trying to solve digital signage network issues in random contexts. You never know what surprising issue you’ll be asked to tackle. We even have a customer who uses digital signage so their audience can play games while using the urinal!”

The team is great at keeping the mood light. “I love to see how people become invested in the issues they are working on, yet keep a smile on their face. There is a lot of humour in the team.” Foosball is also a way to bond and relax. “We have a foosball tournament. We were never deep into foosball until we found that it was a great stress release mechanism. And then somehow foosball got very serious, to the point where we had to buy a giant world cup trophy.”

Though problem-solving is what Support Specialists do best, learning is what they love most. “The best part of the job is learning about the industry and its cutting-edge technology, and then discovering how customers use it differently. That’s what keeps us interested.”

Do you need a Support Specialist to help you resolve issues on your digital signage network? Apply for a Free Trial of Broadsign’s software platform.