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Backstage at Broadsign: QA – Tried and TrOOH

The “Backstage at Broadsign” miniseries aims to shine a spotlight on the unique teams at Broadsign, such as our Product Specialists – the “how tOOH” people. Our second installment features the Quality Assurance, or “QA”, team.
The name explains it all – Quality Assurance ensures Broadsign products are released at a level of exceptional quality and maintain this standard as the products evolve. The team currently consists of eight members, all located at our Montreal headquarters, and collaboration is the name of their game.
The QA department collaborates on all tasks, from assisting developers in recreating reported issues to designing features that better respond to customer needs. Although at first glance it may not be obvious, the QA team deals with clients, albeit indirectly. “Our clients communicate with our front-facing departments and the QA team addresses questions by providing solutions or to escalating the discussion.”
The cohesive team deals with Development on a daily basis to influence how the product is experienced from the client facing-side. “Lately, we’ve been viewing our products from the Services perspective as well to understand how they will support them. There are additional tools we now add to the features so Services can more easily troubleshoot and assist our clients.”
An average QA day begins with a meeting. “As a team, we consult the ‘to do’ list and volunteer to take on tasks at hand. This creates a dynamic of shared and interdependent responsibility and we’ve never had a situation where no one signs up for the job.

People are self-motivated and enthusiastic about Broadsign products. There is a lot of ownership, a lot of pride.”

The technology is also fascinating. “I know it sounds cliché but each new task is like receiving a new toy and there is never a dull moment. We try to discover ways in which these ‘new toys’ don’t work – a true challenge given the strength of Broadsign’s Development team.”
QA considers pizza crucial to the job, but not for the purpose you may think. “A Broadsign tradition, regular group lunches encourage us to take time out of our day and catch up. I see colleagues more as my family – this is important.”
When it comes to the QA spirit, the team has only positive things to say. “I don’t think I’ve worked in a company that has this much camaraderie. It’s amazing how open people are. You get a sense of family. In the QA department itself, everyone is relaxed despite heavy workloads and urgent timelines. #Broadsigning.” Laughs follow.
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