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Backstage at Broadsign: Product Specialists – the “how tOOH” people

Broadsign Product Specialists in their natural multi-screened environment.

Thanks to an expanding DOOH industry as well as creative and open-minded customers, the Broadsign family has grown. As such, we’re putting a spotlight on the Broadsigners who build and maintain our quality line of innovative products, while keeping our customers’ networks running smoothly. The first part of our “Backstage at Broadsign” miniseries will focus on the people we, in Marketing, ask to turn IT talk into English – our Product Specialists.

Broadsign’s Product Specialists are bridges between internal sales and development teams, and external customers and partners. They proudly consider themselves the “how-to people” and “real-life user guides”. In the words of one Product Specialist, “For anyone who would like to learn about products, whether at a basic ‘from-scratch’ level to the advanced stage, we are responsible for their education. And this is for anyone – clients, prospects and our own colleagues.”

What makes a call with a Product Specialist successful? While a solid understanding of Broadsign software is not required for preliminary discussions, it is helpful to have information about the technology being used (or technology in general) top of mind.

“Sometimes we find ourselves fixing problems that are actually irrelevant to anything we provide. And believe it or not, there are even things we can’t fix, like Internet connections.” Said with a chuckle.

While plenty of calls fill up an average day, no two days are the same. “Sometimes we give trainings all day. Technical demos and Q&A’s. Investigating problems. Foosball. Lots of email.”
To some, the above may sound exhausting, but our Product Specialists have a lot to say about their favourite aspects of the job.

“It’s awesome when you work on a project and get to see it deployed, such as viewing the displays in the London Underground or Charles de Gaulle Airport and knowing we had something to do with them.

“We also enjoy being surprised (in a good way, of course!) by the interesting places where digital signage is used. From a technical standpoint, it’s exciting to see how people are using our software and creating solutions we haven’t explored. This constant learning is a result of our API, which allows customers to implement concepts we are not (yet) familiar with.

Supportive wizards aside, our team of Product Specialists have other interesting talents. Would you believe we have a rapper, skateboarder, mountain biker, philosopher, teacher and carpenter at your service? Moreover, they’re able to help you in six languages. Incroyable !

To learn more about the products our Product Specialists know inside-out, sign up for a Free Trial of Broadsign’s automated digital signage software.