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Backstage at Broadsign: Core Team – Getting with the PrOOHgram(mers)

It takes many parts for a wheel to spin smoothly, and the departments at Broadsign understand this. The third segment of the “Backstage at Broadsign” miniseries features our team of Core Developers. Previous spotlights feature the “How tOOH” people and the “Tried and TrOOH” team.
Core Development just might be the closest department to Marketing in terms of job descriptions (both teams spend most of the day writing) but the languages are very different. When asked what Core Development is, a team member responded (not in code): “The name says it all – anything regarding Broadsign Core products that requires programming comes through us.”
The Core Development team builds all Broadsign Core products, encompassing the formulation of strategy, architectural and software design and user interface coding. Members also function as problem solvers. “Think of us with two outputs in very different directions: one creates new features based on client requests and the other fixes features for them.”
Switching to Agile methodology almost two years ago was a significant change for Core Developers. “We can now scale easily based on Agile principles  – we manage our schedule instead of trying to predict release dates. Agile allows us to focus on constant adaptation and adjustment.” The difference is tangible: “People are happier, we develop products with enhanced quality and the team is more efficient and productive.”
Improvement is an important part of the Agile methodology and Core Developers have whole-heartedly embraced it. “Though coding is extremely detailed, it’s important to understand clients’ end goals on a general level before diving in. The context of the problem is essential to an effective resolution.”
Core Developers begin their mornings with daily Agile Scrum and answer the questions: “What did you do yesterday, what will you do today and do you need help? If so, where?” This encourages teamwork and provides an opportunity for developers to raise possible issues. A commonly referenced quote from Core Development is:

“You move faster alone but travel further in a team.”

In the team, there is much to take pride in. “The recent transition to Agile and scaling of the team has really enabled personal growth and commitment, which is visible in the outcomes of our work.”
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