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After Ten Years in Business and Record Sales, You Can See Broadsign Everywhere

The moment has arrived when businesses across all industries take a minute to process that six months have already gone by since the start of the year. Over the past few days I have been reflecting on what the exceptional people at Broadsign have accomplished in this time frame and I am so very proud.
The most evident of feats would be that our Software as a Service platform now powers over 47,500 digital signage players. Since January, Broadsign’s subscription numbers have increased at a rate exceeding twenty percent, which is double that of the industry average and an unprecedented growth rate for the company.
Early on, we decided to focus our sales efforts on network operators that were well-funded or had solid revenue streams. Today, we see most of our growth coming from the natural expansion of these top networks. Current success is also a result of conversions from other software providers to Broadsign, as newly converted networks experience improved performance and added capabilities shortly after transitioning to our platform. Examples of recent additions to Broadsign’s roster include DOOH networks oOh! Media, Outcast Media and Stayhealthy, Inc.
These numbers indicate that Broadsign has come a long way from its status as a digital signage software startup in 2003. Ten years later, we now manage the only large-scale purpose-built ad serving platform for digital place-based and digital OOH network operators.
To accommodate our accelerating expansion and matured position within the industry, Broadsign has been hiring new personnel in international sales, marketing and development departments. We have also taken up membership with the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and FEPE International Federation of Outdoor Advertising, in addition to our participation in the Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA) and Digital Signage Federation (DSF). I sit on the board of directors of the two latter organizations and can attest to not only Broadsign’s growth over the past several months but the industry’s progress as well.
Moving forward, I know that I will continue to witness great success stories in the industry and understand that several tragic casualties will also be an inevitable part of its development. Network operators would have a much easier time selecting an optimal digital signage software platform if they could make their selection from a small set of future-safe providers, setting the stage for the demise of many platforms. Operators do not want to miss out on new revenue opportunities due to limitations in their chosen platform, nor do they wish to incur costs related to switching software after deployment. We understand these issues and believe that as the industry and software requirements of operators simultaneously grow, networks have and will continue to choose Broadsign. Our platform has emerged as the first real “safe bet” for digital place-based and DOOH networks.
So, as I wrap up my observations, Broadsign is preparing for a trip to Europe! I invite you to join us in celebrating our successes within a burgeoning industry at Broadsign’s European Client Summit in London, England on June 24 at the Hilton London Docklands Riverside. We will also be exhibiting at the upcoming 54th Annual FEPE Congress 2013 in Berlin, Germany and sponsoring the European Sign Expo in London.
The team has so much to be proud of in 2013; record growth, the release of Broadsign X and the launch our brand new Broadsign Xpress smart player. We won’t rest until we see Broadsign Everywhere!
Brian Dusho