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ABCD(S)E 2014


A lot of buzz was generated after the biggest Digital Signage Expo to date. In attempt to bring something a bit different to the mix, top trends and findings from the show have been arranged into a familiar format, the ABC’s of DSE.

Daniel assists in the DSE 2014 ribbon-cutting.


A: Audience measurement

Audience measurement is becoming a “must have” in digital signage solutions. To compare the medium with that of print and TV, media buyers demand net impressions and frequency. DSE exhibitor, Dialogica, is an Italian company that takes raw data and delivers net impressions, frequency, relevance and attention. The platform is in use by Grandi Stazioni’s DOOH network .

B: Beacon

Beacon technology (such as Apple’s iBeacon) allows hardware to send push notifications to nearby devices. Beaconvox secured its DSE booth as a last-minute response to a successful time at Integrated Systems Europe. The solution is embedded in an existing mobile app, permits companies to send content to customers near their display and provides backend analytics to determine the ROI of campaigns.

C: Content

Part of the DSE floor was dedicated to content creators such as Freshwater, Screenfeed and Insteo. One of the most common requests as of late is for interactive content.

D: DSE 2014

The eleventh Digital Signage Expo secured over 200 exhibitors, among them 55 first-time exhibitors and 44 international companies. The show’s educational components ranged from on-floor workshops and roundtables to the Conference Program and DSEG certification courses, including the first DSCE conducted in Spanish.

E: Engagement

Most products were presented and explained based on how they enable viewer engagement.

F: Facial recognition

Facial recognition software is growing based on levels of acceptance and demand. Ensure to understand the regional regulations that are simultaneously being enacted, such as requirements to inform viewers they are on camera and limit the storage of data to a specific amount of time.

G: Glasses-free 3D

A few displays were showcased to cater to this niche market.

Intel and MemoMi’s MemoryMirror.



Flash isn’t dead just yet. But the adoption of HTML5 is evident. See Jim Nista.

I: Interactivity

Experiential and transactional interactivity can be included in just about any digital signage execution, yet being a possibility doesn’t mean it’s a necessity. Define the goal of your campaign and evaluate the ways it can be achieved prior to deeming that interactive is your only option.

J: Jim Nista

The CEO of Insteo, Jim delivered an informative and digestible presentation about HTML5.

K: 4K

The 3840 x 2160 pixel count is easy to admire and brings a picture quality arguably identical to print. Further information about 4K can be found at “4K: Here Today, Here to Stay?”.


Advantage showed off its 55” transparent LCD display that allows for what they call “double communication” via the screen and physical product behind it. A curved screen is on its way.

M: Mobile

See Beacon as an alternative to already present mobile bridge offerings, such as QR codes and NFC. Many methods provoking viewer engagement with digital signage use mobile. Ask the expert, Stephen Randall of Monster Media, to talk about successful campaigns where mobile and social media allow audience members to see themselves on the big screens of Times Square.

N: Narrow bezels

A seamless video wall brings delight to even the most amateur of digital signage spectators. This year, LG unveiled the world’s slimmest bezel (3.5mm) LED displays for giant video walls.

O: Outdoor

Outdoor media is being taken seriously by screen manufacturers, software and hardware vendors, integrators and the like. As the official organization of DSE, the Digital Signage Federation was prominent on the show floor and maintains a strong presence when advocating in the interest of outdoor media during the rest of the year.

P: Programmatic media buying

Aside from delivering more concrete audience measurement, digital signage network operators have a higher chance of being acknowledged by media buyers if their inventory is made available on programmatic ad buying platforms. Watch “Get With the Program(matic Ad Buying)” for more information on this topic.
Shameless plug: Broadsign Connect was introduced during DSE to bring networks incremental revenue with zero risk through programmatic media buying platforms.

World’s first 21:9 curved UHDTV – LG.



Catering to a strong vertical in the digital signage sphere, Peerless-AV introduced their Xtreme Outdoor Triple Digital Menu Board for drive-thrus and SmartMount Digital Menu Board Mount line.

R: Retail

Digital signage is an ally when it comes to combating retailers’ fears of online shopping. Booths are incorporating showrooms that give a feel for vertical-specific solutions. One such example was Intel and MemoMi’s MemoryMirror. Another, Aware Live’s ability for content to follow a consumer through a store – ideal for upselling, cross-selling and retargeting.

S: Surveillance

Several security and surveillance booths were set up around the show, which makes sense when it comes to the security of important screens. Will surveillance cameras and facial recognition platforms join forces to kill two birds with one stone? Time will tell.

T: Touchscreens

It is no longer obvious whether or not a screen is meant to be touched. If conveniently within reach, however, most would assume it is. Touchscreens are being marketed for their functionality, such as D3’s 84” UHD touchscreen for education and 3M’s tabletop displays onto which you can place your glass.

U: Ultra HD

See 4K.

V: Video walls

Video walls were a common denominator of booths close to the show floor’s entrance (aka, the big guys). Mosaic video walls are fun to look at, and are not to be considered a trend but a niche.

W: Wayfinding

See interactivity. Wayfinding is a great reason to incorporate interactivity into your screens and is appreciated by viewers across a variety of venues, from hospitals to hospitality.

X: Broadsign Xpress

The Android-based Broadsign Xpress smart player was unveiled during DSE 2013 and Android’s invasion continues. As the technology matures, Android becomes more and more reliable. Moreover, its decreased price is lowering the threshold for entrance into the industry.

Y: You simply can’t miss DSE.

Once again, Digital Signage Expo has outdone itself and retains its title as THE place to be for those in digital signage.

Z: Zero downtime

Why should your network settle for anything less?