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4C Solutions Ltd Selects Broadsign International, LLC for Digital Signage in Banking Networks


Broadsign digital signage software and Broadsign Xpress used in select Saudi Arabia banking branches.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. August 12, 2014. 4C Solutions Ltd has selected Broadsign International, LLC’s cloud-based digital signage software to power its network coverage of banks in Saudi Arabia.
4C’s presence in Riyad Bank consists of over 200 screens across 150 branches. Completion of the initial deployment is expected for the end of Q3 2014, with hopes to expand the network from half to all of the bank’s locations in 2015. 4C also uses Broadsign’s platform for its 50 Saudi Hollandi Bank branches.

4C informs and entertains waiting bank patrons

“Banks are extremely sensitive to security and only Broadsign’s trusted platform and excellent support allowed for integration with Riyad Bank’s LAN,” said Karim Assad, Chief of Engagement and Motivation at 4C. “This connection, along with Broadsign’s cloud-based nature, allows for rapid deployment and contributes to 4C’s competitive advantage."

A market leader in the banking venue, 4C enhances a customer’s journey within the bank by using advertising-free content inclusive of bank messaging, news and entertainment feeds. Loops of 12 minutes in length are compliant with cultural norms by running news from the nation’s number one broadcaster, Al Arabiya, and National Geographic.

“Broadsign’s flexible and automatic approach to campaigns allows for content scheduling based on screen location inside of the bank,” added Assad. “This is appreciated by bank management, especially given that dedicated content can be scheduled to Saudi Arabia’s separate branches for men and women.”

4C screens are located in the main banking space and high-net-worth areas. Riyad Bank displays are a mix of existing and new LCD screens, while Saudi Hollandi Bank features 62” screens in self-standing kiosks with Broadsign Xpress smart players inside. 4C uses the Android-based Broadsign Xpress for almost all of its media player requirements, due to its attractive price, small size and solid performance.

“In the past, banks have tended to avoid cloud-based software offerings due to strict regulations regarding network security, but the tide is starting to turn,” said Skip Beloff, Vice President of Sales at Broadsign. “4C is a predominant and respected player in the banking sector and this standardization on both the Broadsign platform and Broadsign Xpress is a strong testament to the security of our service and its many user benefits.”

If you are interested in joining over 200 networks already running on Broadsign digital signage software, sign up now for a 60 day free trial of the platform. Quotes for Broadsign Xpress smart players can be requested here.

About Broadsign

Broadsign International, LLC is the first global provider of cloud-based software for digital signage networks. Its platform was designed exclusively as a management system for media companies operating digital out-of-home and digital place-based media networks, giving them an unlimited capacity for growth without adding personnel. After over a decade in the industry, Broadsign’s latest incarnation, Broadsign X, has become a mature and reliable fit for all digital signage software needs and its Android-based smart player, Broadsign Xpress, has decreased the cost of deploying digital signage compared to PC-based hardware alternatives.

Broadsign’s constant growth, extensive network and dedication to predicting and responding to industry trends make its digital signage solutions a safe bet for the future of networks with even the most complex of requirements. For more information about Broadsign, visit

About 4C

4C is a 10 years old, 100 strong Saudi-based technology company with 3 core business lines: Visual Intelligence, Visual Merchandising and Visual Technologies. 4C’s Visual Technologies solutions provide the best-in-class media and technology for retailers to reach and engage with customers at the point of sale. 4C works extensively with the banking sector and has integrated and deployed digital signage networks for all of riyadbank, NCB and SHB, in partnership with Broadsign. For more on 4C please visit