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3 Main Takeaways From DSE 2017

With what seems like the blink of an eye, DSE 2017 has come and gone. We had a great time catching up with clients both old and new, attended many panels and presentations, and caught a good glimpse of where the DOOH industry is headed.
If you didn’t have the chance to make it to the conference – or you had meeting after meeting after meeting and couldn’t get out on the show floor – here are some of the main topics abuzz at this year’s DSE.

The Time for Programmatic is Now

Programmatic has been a hot topic for the DOOH industry for quite some time, yet this year, something changed. Instead of revolving around the ifs of programmatic for DOOH, the conversation evolved into the hows and the whens.
What do you need to consider when choosing a Supply Side Platform (SSP) to work with? How are SSPs integrated with current DOOH workflows? What new revenues will you reach when your network sells programmatically? Programmatic is no longer a theoretical concept for DOOH, but rather a technology that has made its largely anticipated debut.
To be ready, networks should start preparing sooner than later. Finding the right SSP to work with and deciding what inventory to make available to media buyers are some of the first steps to tackle.

Competition is Fierce

With digital signage now commonplace in malls, airports, street corners, and almost any other location you can think of. Market leaders are setting the bar for industry standards, big players are joining forces through mergers and acquisitions, and a good amount of complimentary products are entering the ring. Competition in the DOOH industry is intense.
This means it is now crunch time for software, hardware and other industry suppliers to carefully analyze their strategy to ensure they are offering something that sets them apart from competitors, through product differentiation, cost leadership or niche market focus.
Those that quickly adopt this concept will be able to make the most of the flourishing need for DOOH advertising. According to Nancy Fletcher, CEO and President at the OAAA, “OOH continues to grow alongside digital media, while most forms of traditional advertising struggle in today’s audience-fragmented environment.” It is a great time to be part of the DOOH industry.

Revenue is King

Something we heard conference-goers mention time and time again was network revenue. This means that to attract new customers, nifty features and improved user experiences aren’t the only considerations. Instead, network operators are looking for powerful tools that can help them meet one simple goal: generate more revenue.
To ensure long-term success, determining how a product or service can help operators maximize their sales revenue will be key. Products that accelerate the sales process or help networks reach new buyers will do very well in the maturing DOOH market.

Until Next Time, DSE!

Now that we’ve recovered from all the parties, shook the sand out of our hair after the sandstorm and have returned to our own corners of the world, it’s time for the industry to get to work. Between prepping for programmatic and innovating to one-up the competition, all while keeping revenue generation top of mind, we’re sure everyone will be busy for the next little while. We’re looking forward to seeing what new products, services and solutions we’ll see at DSE next year.

DSE 2017 BraodSign Booth